Expedition In Nepal

Wilderness Experience has been handling mountaineering expeditions in Nepal and Tibet (China) since its establishment in 1988. A total of 112 expeditions, (including those of Spring 2012) have been organized. The following were the most significant expeditions:


On Top Everest expedition led by Dr. Walter McConnell of New Jersey, USA. Dr. McConnell made a record by himself reaching 8,200 meters at the age of 57 years and 7 months. Mr. Ricardo Torres Nava of Mexico became the first Latin American to scale Mt. Everest. He climbed on 16 May via the South Col.


New Zealand International Everest Expedition, led by Rob Hall of New Zealand was successful and made several records:

• The national flag of New Zealand was hoisted for the first time (by Rob Hall, Gary Ball & Peter Hillary).
• Rudy Van Snick became the first Belgian to scale the mountain.
• Mikael Reutersward and Oskar Kihlborg became the first Swedes to scale the mountain. They reached the summit on 10th & 11th May with the intention of helping to protect the deteriorating environment in the region. Rob Hall, Gary Ball and John Gully put together a large number of young people from New Zealand to carry out a clean-up program. Approximately 5000 kg of garbage was removed from the base camp of Mt. Everest and brought down to Gorakshep for burial.


A 15 member team from Slovenia, led by Mr. Tone Skarja, made successful climbs on all peaks of Kanchanjunga and Kumbhakarna (Jannu).


New Zealand International Everest Expedition, under the leadership of Rob Hall was successful. Summiters were Rob Hall, Gary Ball, Guy Cotter, Ned Gillette, Doug Mantle, Randal Danta, Doron Erel (the first Israeli to scale Mt. Everest), Cham Yick Kai (the first Everest summiter from Hong Kong nationals) and Ms. Ingrid Baeyens became the first woman from Belgium to climb Mt. Everest. They reached the summit on 12th May.


1. A Tyrolean (Austrian) team led by Mr. Arthur Haid of Imst, put 4 members on the summit of Manaslu on 2nd May. The climbers descended on skis from 7,000 meters. No bottled oxygen was used. The climbers were Josef Brunner, Gerhard Flossmann, Michael Leuprecht and Josef Hinding.

2. Hall & Ball Everest Expedition, an 11 member team with Rob Hall as leader and Gary Ball as co-leader made it to the summit on 10th May. Summiters were Rob Hall (his third ascent on Everest), Dr. Jan Arnoid (Rob Hall's wife), Jonathan Gluckman (NZ) and Veikka Gustafsson (the first Finn to scale Mt. Everest).


1. An 8 member Sagarmatha Clean up Expedition led by Rob Hall achieved a tremendous success. All 8 climbers reached the summit together on 9th May and returned home safe & sound. A clean-up program was carried out while climbing the mountain. In addition to a large amount of garbage, 200 old empty oxygen cylinders were removed from the South Col and brought down to Kathmandu. A famous Norwegian adventurer, Mr. Erling Kagge, made another record by climbing Mt. Everest. He is the only person, so far, to have reached both North and South Poles and to have climbed the highest mountain on earth.

2. A team of 7 Everest summiters was put together to climb the west face of Lhotse. Oskar Kihlborg was the leader, other members were: Rob Hall (New Zealand) Mikael Reutersward (Sweden), Todd Burleson (USA), Ed Viesturs (USA), Carlos Carsolio (Mexico) and Keith Kerr (UK). Out of seven, five successfully climbed the mountain. Keith Kerr and Todd Burleson did not attempt it due to a lack of time (they had not finished on Mt. Everest).


Slovenian mountaineers completed a successful climb on all 14 peaks over 8000 meters by climbing Annapurna I. Also Mr. Davor Karnicar skied from the summit of Annapurna I (8091m) to the bottom in a single day.

Americans On Everest - leader Bob Hoffman. Brad Bull and 3 Sherpas reached the summit on May 15th.

Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition- leader Rob Hall- Successful.


Slovenian climbers Vanja Furlan and Tomaz Humar climbed the North West Face of Ama Dablam in alpine style.

International Friendship Everest Expedition (Adventure Consultants) leader Rob Hall. Successful climb although followed by disasters that claimed the lives of four, including Rob Hall, the leader.

Slovenian mountaineers climbed Api, Nampa and Bobaya in the far West Nepal in alpine style and on new routes.


American team under Pasquale Vincent (PV) Scaturro took about a month to successfully climb Cho Oyu from the North (Tibet).

Australian Army Alpine Association under leader Major Zac Zaharias and deputy leader Jonathan Sparks put 3 members on the summit of Dhaulagiri I (8167m) the first Australians to scale the mountain. The climbers were Major Zac Zaharias, Andrew Lock and Matthew Rogerson.

Adventure Consultants Everest Expedition - leader Guy Cotter. A successful expedition put 5 team members including the leader and Tashi Tenzing, a grandson of Tenzing Norgay and 3 Sherpas.


A team of strong Slovenian mountaineers including Tomaz Humar and Janez Jeglic climbed Nuptse via a new route, west Face.


A total of eight expeditions were handled, among these, four were on 8000 meter peaks, including Environmental Everest Expedition from the U.S.A, Austrian Shishapangma Expedition, Slovenian Dhaulagiri I and an international team on Dhaulagiri I.


We handled 39 mountaineering expeditions, out of which 6 were on Everest, 7 on other 8000 meter peaks and the rest on 6500 to 8000 meter peaks in Nepal and Tibet.